Saturday, November 12, 2022

Speaking Of Planes. Larry Beat Me To It.

Albeit I still will be talking about it tomorrow. Thanks to Karloff too, who pointed to this GAO Report.  Larry discusses the data from GAO Report titled: Weapon System Sustainment Aircraft Mission Capable Goals Were Generally Not Met and Sustainment Costs Varied by Aircraft. Larry symptomatically titled his post: 

If You Think The United States Is Ready For A Conventional War With Russia or China, Think Again

As the military truism goes: size does not necessarily translate into capability. The US fleet of combat aircraft or combat ships, for that matter, is vast, but how much of it is truly combat ready? Some data in report is down right shocking for people in D.C. who are still having wet dreams of fighting a serious opponent and prevailing. Larry elaborates on this issue, but the title of his post says it all. 

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