Sunday, July 24, 2022

Two Things In Conclusion Of The...

 ...weekend. Not only I am a huge fan but I am a subscriber to Andre Antunes' channel which demonstrates his musical genius. It is also not accidental that Andre, being an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, loves to "close caption" musically a lot of what is happening in the American so called "Christian" churches, which long ago lost any connection to what is proper and are today known as either conduits of radically anti-Christian "prosperity gospel", or concentrations of Christian Zionism and many promote altogether utterly bizarre practices such as "revivalism", including driving poor people into trans and uttering a sheer psychobabble, aka "speaking in tongues". Not only it has very little to do with solemnity and a true beauty of traditional Christian ceremonies, especially held in the confines of immensely beautiful cathedrals, but it is utterly demeaning to poor people who are reduced to a crowd of zombies completely possessed by a BS spewed from the altar which is supposed to be some sort of "divine" revelation. If driving people into frenzy is the answer to spiritual needs, than there is something seriously wrong with such "churches".

In reality it is a horrifying picture harking back to medieval pagan practices. So, Andre decided to give this exhibition of mass psychosis a proper musical accompaniment and, boy, did he create something special. 

Not only he created something special musically, but he provided the ONLY way to view this bacchanalia, which in some quarters passes for Christianity. Enjoy this as both a  social statement and a musical piece which many already state is the best Andre ever produced. This psycho-bitch doesn't even understand that her ilk long ago turned their churches INTO casinos, not the other way around as she "preaches", and all of it in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Andre, did many special things. Especially with Pastor Kenneth Copeland, a known abuser of human desperation and last hopes by means of sucking money from the followers of his "prosperity gospel" so called church. Like this:

But the last Reggae thing is his best ever which encapsulated without a word from Andre, only through his music, a complete cultural rot which afflicted America... in the name of Jesus Christ. Here are some proper translations of those "tongues")))
I have to say, the spiritual message of saving 15% on GEICO insurance touched me profoundly... Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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