Friday, July 15, 2022

About Borisov's New Post.

A huge event: a removal of Rogozin from the position of the head of a mighty Roscosmos and appointment of Yuri Borisov to this post. This event created a major splash in Russian media with people immediately beginning to speculate that now Russian space program will begin to focus more on military applications (in Russian). But let's recall who Yuri Borisov is--yes, he is one of the major driving forces behind modernization and rearmament of Russian Armed Forces which underwent fast and dramatic update which turned them into arguably best fighting force of today. Borisov's role in this is huge, to put it mildly. 

Borisov is one of those military-technological, engineering and organization geniuses who are a very rare breed and seldom appear at the highest levels of political power. It is especially true for modern military-industrial complex of any superpower, because huge swaths of those complexes are in effect dual technologies producing industries. Borisov was instrumental in turning Russian military-industrial complex into R&D and manufacturing powerhouse it is today. Moreover, Borisov is a former cadre military, a general, with military academy behind his belt. Him, taking the command of Roskosmos may mean very many things and all of them good for Russia. Remember, it was on Borisov's watch that the Russian Armed Forces started to deploy some extremely advanced weapon system, many of which have no analogues in the West. Some--never will. In other words, Borisov is a specialist in the most advanced military and dual use technologies and bringing them to serial production. 

One of the results of Borisov's guidance are such as new carrier of the Poseidons, Belgorod submarine transferred to the Russian Navy several days ago, or newest Peresvet combat laser complexes, let alone RS-28 Sarmat or 3M22 Zircon--this all happened on Borisov's watch. Borisov leaves Russian Military-Industrial Complex in a top shape and Denis Manturov who comes into supervision of it knows this and he understands his position as "if ain't broke, don't fix it". Borisov is appointed to Roscosmos post to INTRODUCE into full production some revolutionary space technologies of which we know only about nuclear tug Zevs, but what else? Expect some big news relatively soon. What can it be? I hate speculations, you know that, but the talk and rumors about Russia's 6th generation fighter capable to transition from air to space flight and back are persistent. The full line of Angara, rockets and development and introduction of a super-heavy carriers will also be a priority. As will be a further development of counter-measures to US military space programs. Borisov's appointment fits extremely well into the program of Russia's full technological independence. With people like Borisov this independence is not only feasible but is already happening. 

In related news, imbeciles in the West still think that they have (magic) powers to prevent Russia from killing the US Dollar and do what she needs to do.

Russia plans to create its own national oil benchmark in 2023 as a means to protect its oil export revenue while the West is stepping up sanctions against Russian oil, a document seen by Bloomberg News showed on Friday. Russia’s oil producers, its central bank, and relevant ministries are working to launch a national trading platform for Russian oil in October this year. The goal would be to attract enough foreign partners to buy Russia’s crude and generate enough volumes so as to set up a national oil benchmark at some point between March and July next year, according to the document Bloomberg News has seen. Russia’s efforts to create a national oil benchmark come as the Western allies are looking at ways to impose a price cap on Russian oil traded globally. The price cap is expected to hurt the huge oil revenues Vladimir Putin is currently getting from energy exports.Russia, for its part, is looking to protect its oil revenues, and one of the ways it has come up with is a national oil benchmark.

Can anybody explain to those morons that it is impossible to cap oil price and that the bench-marking of her own oil by Russia has much broader aims than "avoiding a price cap". But then again, it is Bloomberg--a bunch of illiterate (and very butt-hurt) journos with useless "economics" degrees and lack of any grasp of a completely new geopolitical reality. 

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