Monday, July 11, 2022

OK, Let Me Explain Some Things.

It is getting to it, but, as I already stated, all of US military and government (Political class) do not understand--the US has zero historical experience with it--is the fact that you bring war to people, they bring it back to you. Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan Russia can fly a cruise missile into a specific window at the specific address in the US. It is really funny that many in the US "elite" don't get it. And that is what I wanted to point out. A wonderful comedy called RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) which gets us into the Hollywood make-believe world which gets one thing very accurately. It is one thing when American "heroes" blow innocent civilians with their women and children with impunity, totally another when they find themselves in this very same position:

As I already stated, US military doesn't understand continental warfare, it never did. And it certainly (forget about US political class, grossly uneducated and uncultured) doesn't understand what is going on in Ukraine. All their names are known, and somebody will have to answer for children and women killed and raped in Donbass, advised by all those great American "heroes". America doesn't understand what real war is but the reckoning is coming and, as Colonel MacGregor correctly stated, Russia is not Iraq. There is one difference, though, Russians do care about children and they save them, not the MO of American "heroes". When you lose "high moral ground" you become a nobody, just a war criminal and child rapist. America lost this ground long time ago.

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