Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ah, RT Also Noticed, Wink, Wink;))

RT suddenly noticed Akopov's piece I wrote about yesterday and they even translated it in full. Which is good. 

Petr Akopov: Why George Soros and Francis Fukuyama are ‘Putin’s useful idiots’. The Western establishment's preference for liberal loudmouths rather than genuine Russia experts is a major boon for Moscow. 

I can only reiterate what I wrote yesterday and ad nauseam for many years prior. 

The problem is systemic which means that the only way to fix it is to change system. In this particular case, it is American higher learning educational machine allegedly working to produce "elites". It is not just broken, it is an academic and practical fraud reproducing white board doctrine-mongers and demagogues who fail even in the simplest tasks of developing workable tactical, forget strategic, theories. But, what can I say, you read this blog for eight years and, to be frank, I hate the fact that my suspicions and fears turned out to be true. There is nobody there to talk to seriously about the real world situation. It is the End of History for them.

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