Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Zakharova, Stunning As Always.

It is a well known fact that normal people with morals and principles do not work in the US main-stream media, least of all in CNN which is a collection of human trash and is a pure propaganda and lie-distribution outlet. Here (in Russian) Zaharova wipes the floor with some low-life from CNN at SPIEF today. 

Last 5 minutes of that are especially enjoyable. These are two different universes: uncultured semi-literate hack from CNN and a woman who would make any US "diplomat" look like a neanderthal simpleton. But then again, the US doesn't have diplomacy as such anymore, let alone the class which comes with great education and cultural nourishment--things unknown to US MSM "journos". Real American and British journalists right now are in Donbass covering the real war. You know their names from Eva Bartlett to Graham Phillips. Those people are the real deal. 

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