Sunday, June 5, 2022

I Want To Reiterate...

 .... Some people who misunderstood me--the scene of Borodino Battle in Bondarchuk's masterpiece (not his giftless son's) War and Peace is around 40 minutes. Including Raevsky reporting to Kutuzov  about fighting off French from his battery (he fought them off shoulder to shoulder to his 16 year old son). 

The whole battle scene, the greatest battle-scene in the history of cinematography lasts about 40 minutes, is something which cannot be repeated today. The Russian general of VDV who died (was killed) yesterday in SMO was... Kutuzov. As for Raevsky, ask Andrei Raevsky, aka The Saker, if he is related. I am not, but I have some roots in some Russian nobility, which I don't care, because I like my sour mash and blues, and a good cigar--I doubt it qualifies me.  
BTW, another minutes from Borodino. 
Generally speaking, Hollywood can only dream about this.

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