Wednesday, June 22, 2022

June 22... 1941-2022.

This is one of my most favorite paintings of that date:

It encapsulates pretty much what happened at that day in 1941. 27 million Soviet people (most of them civilians) lives and four years later the verdict was announced. But nations and states do not live in a human time-frame, their time is slower and today we are ending the last chapter of the tragedy which started in 1914 and it could be either the end of all this, meaning human civilization, or a new beginning. Even for decomposing and degenerate West. This is what I talked today about:

I guess Putin announcing this should send (It did, most likely) a shock to the "system".

Putin: We are working to create an international reserve currency based on the BRICS basket of currencies

I never bothered myself with the look at the "stock market" and "capitalization". I always follow weapons' development and machine building complex, because they, and what they entail, are the ONLY real indicators of power. In related news, S-500s are being deployed. S-550 is next.

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