Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A Good Intro to Russian Psyche.

It is surprising that some people still think in these terms. You know, Tolstoy's terms, the terms of real humanist, however flawed he was. 

Of course, Borodino was repeated again at Kursk, and the same as Russians triumphantly entered Paris in 1814, Russians would do the same in 1945 (second time) with Berlin. This is the driver which has been initiated behind Russians today. That is why I smile at NYT headline today that Biden wants "to hurt Russia", these good ol' boys and girls in D.C. do not know what real hurt is, unless, of course, it is being mis-gendered or killing innocent civilians. But then again, you think they read Russian classic literature? Of course not.
Those who didn't see the 40 minute cinematographic masterpiece of Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace of Borodino Battle, they better resign themselves to CGI by Hollywood, because they will never understand what real war is and why Russia is in her Borodino and Kursk mode now.

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