Sunday, June 12, 2022

When Instead Of Brain...

... one has a tomato sauce and, in addition, a spouse who is a professional falsifier of history Anne Applebaum. In fact, both husband and wife are the same kind--ignorant psychopaths.  

Sikorski, being a product of fraudulent humanities degree mill in Oxford--a euphemism for being a damaged goods, exacerbated with visceral Russophobia--doesn't understand (which is expected, I stress it, from "graduates" of many Western programs) the gravity of what he suggests, even despite the fact of him serving a few years as Poland's Defense Minister, thus upholding a long Western tradition to appoint utterly unqualified people to the position of Defense Ministers. The imbecile, obviously, doesn't understand the stake in this "game", because nuclear weapons and their proliferation are way out of the league of him and his neoconish fanatical wife, both politically and academically. 

Obviously, Sikorski still cannot grasp the gravity of what he is promoting--a normal state of hysterical delusion for neocons everywhere--because if to imagine that the United States, the only country which can make such a decision to provide nukes to 404, goes for this, especially on the advice of Sikorski, that automatically means the cessation of Poland as a state and Sikorski being either caught by Russian SSOs and brought to stand trial, or have personal 3M14 with his name on it. The fact that this cretin still occupies a prominent position in Poland's political landscape, only underscores the overall degeneracy of European "elites" tells you everything you need to know about European body politic. Yes, many of them belong into mental institution with padded rooms and strong behavior and anti-depression chemical therapy. 

This also fits well with the dynamics of SMO and Poland's plans for Ukraine, because VSU is being annihilated with an industrial efficiency and Russia holds reserves which can, if it comes to Poland deciding to commit suicide, meet Polish Army right at the borders of Western Ukraine. Those reserves are completely capable to conduct operations on such a depth in shortest of time. Of course, today's statement from NATO's (read: US) talking head Stoltenberg that the peace in Ukraine is possible, it is just the matter of how much territory Ukraine will concede (in Russian), could have been this proverbial last straw which broke a fragile mental state of Sikorski forcing him to mentally masturbate on nukes for 404. That means, that Poland and Ukraine may pass whatever legislation which de facto puts Poland in control of 404, but it means nothing within the framework of Russia's strategic interests and it will be Russia who will be deciding the fate of Ukraine's rump, not Poland, or NATO.  In the end, let's recall France of 1940 and Churchill's, grandiose as always, gesture offering France and Great Britain to become a unified state after it became clear that Wehrmacht will be done with France really fast and efficiently. Did it help France much? Of course not. 

So, I think my hypothesis of the main driver behind Sikorski's mental collapse is correct. He was a cocksucker as he is known to admit: 

Evidently cock-sucking is one of the leading subjects taught to international students in Anglo-American "education" institution of higher learning and we all know how it plays out. 

In related news, it is Russia's Day, June 12, and suddenly this holiday became so profound and meaningful that it is difficult to ignore anymore. Vast number of celebrations today all over Russia, but the sort of Whitney Houston's famous Star Spangled Banner at Superbowl moment in 1991, two weeks ago at the final of Russia's Footbal Cup at Luzhiniki between Dynamo and Spartak (a famous Moscow derby) 80,000 people as one were singing Russian National Anthem, which was sung by Grigory Leps. I have to admit, I was stunned. 

I knew he was a skilled singer (I don't like his repertoire, though), but this--the range, the delivery. Good God. So, enjoy.

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