Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Assurances From Schlimazel))

LOL)) These morons from pale of settlement (it is the majority of the US foreign policy "elite") are still fighting 19th century war with Russia and Russians, though Blinken derives, allegedly, from Hungarian Jews.  

Yes, in related news, Kiev gave Tony Blinken assurances that it doesn't rape women, kill children and torture POWs, which, of course, it does. The only qualification for this creep to be in his position is his sappy sentimental BS about his family Holocaust story (hm, I wonder, what to do with my and my wife's grandfathers, and grandmothers, who died or were killed in WWII) and that is about where the competencies of US "elites" end in terms of "foreign policy", not to speak of the fact, as I stated many times, that many of them qualify for war criminals and even criminals against humanity, which Tony surely does. But then again, it is impossible to explain to US Ivy League "social studies" or Georgetown "international relations" graduate what real war is, and what the effect of stand off high precision weapons detonating near you turn you into. It is impossible to explain to those newbies from NYC "elite" schools what it is, not that NYC "elite" schools, as its second rate cultural scene, really matter. As I said many times and continue to say--you cannot buy class no matter how you try.   

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