Sunday, June 5, 2022

My Talking Head For Sunday...


As was predicted, the "disengagement" process has started and it is roughly four months before mid-terms. In related news, Putin, who suffers from the New England Journal of Medicine, looks and acts just fine. Per VDV General Kutuzov who was killed in Donbass yesterday--I guess this is the issue with Russian generals who will never stop getting themselves in the line of fire leading troops. Not to mention the fact that the guy was from the Troops of Uncle Vasya (Войска Дяди Васи), another title of Russian paratroopers' force (GOOGLE Vasily Margelov). Let's face it, many Russian generals are not good at sitting at HQs. Sad, and RIP to the hero, but that is the reality of Russian generals since the times of hell knows when. General Raevsky fought at Borodino having his 16 year old son next to him.  

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