Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I Warned About This 5 Years Ago.

Namely, that LDNR forces can start to "suddenly" get some weapon systems which scare the shit not only from VSU, but from NATO. Recall this from 2017, in a piece symptomatically titled: So, Will Donbass Forces Get Iskanders?

Yes, yes and don't tell me that I didn't warn about it. I did, many times. So, this time to "upgrade" LDNR forces has come. After receiving US "response" to Russia's "non-ulimatum", State Duma, namely ruling party United Russia, initiated the request to the President of Russia and Government of Russia to start the process of rearmament of LDNR forces. Here is the leader of faction Vladimir Vasiliev addressing (in Russian) the President and public. 

This request is a mere formalization and PR recording of the process which, most likely, has been ongoing for some time and this UR statement (request) is not possible without the nod from Kremlin. So, here we are, VSU and those mighty 400 Canadian "advisers" and still larger number of American ones in 404, should start thinking really hard if they want to be on the receiving end of some funny high-precision stand-off weapons in case they succeed in their main objective of pushing VSU to commit suicide by means of attacking LDNR, let alone Russia proper. 

This is just a small warm-up to what will transpire up to breaking off all diplomatic relations with the United States and shutting down every single NGO (a euphemism for operations of influence and sabotage centers). Some begin to worry:

They should, because a very interesting release happened today by the way of FSB. Namely, that last year explosion of the passenger bus in Voronezh was a result not of a gas (propane) explosion, in which two people died and many sustained severe wounds, but was a result of action of a diversionary (terrorist) group from Ukraine (in Russian). All people involved in this terrorist act have been identified and... drum roll... who are people who train these groups? Right, CIA and MI6. Do you get my drift? I am 100% positive names, of those who train them are also well-known to Russians and Russians do not take lightly when foreign powers conduct terrorist acts on their territory. Somebody will have to answer, and I am not talking about Ukrainian perpetrators (those are now walking dead), I am talking about those who trained them and issued orders. So, the main question now is: how economically will the United States commit suicide, because Russia is ready. But then again, most of D.C. "brains" do not even know the actual scale of Russian economy--they have no instruments to grasp it. As for what will "flow into" LDNR--easy: AD, most likely S1 Pantsirs to shut down any UAV activity, possibly Buk-M2s to put NATO's spy-planes on note. Some, maybe already are there, and I am sure LDNR combat teams underwent all necessary training for those. The next, of course, is a flow of latest area fire impact weapons ranging from TOS to Tornado and other MLRS. Other variety of anti-armor and anti-personnel means. Russia will take care of targeting and EW.

Here is some intro to Tornado and it is a nasty-nasty system, which is also good for turning enemy forces preposition areas into a parking lot. 

But in the end, who said that LDNR will not get Iskanders or will not suddenly discover that, hey, dudes, as it turned out we had our small but very hi-tech air force all along. I know, it is so difficult to keep the track of all those Mi-35s and SU-25SMs, they always tend to fall through cracks. 

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