Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Paul Craig Roberts' Broadside.

And this is a broadside I entirely agree with. In his latest PCR writes: 

As an old cold warrior as a member of the anti-Soviet Committee on the Present Danger and as a member of a secret presidential committee that helped Reagan end the Cold War, I can tell you that I am astonished that Washington has not heard what the Russians have, in all frankness, told them. If the Committee on the Present Danger had heard the Russians say this in the 1980s, we would have told President Reagan to acknowledge their concern and reduce the tension. Today the situation is so different that to an experienced cold warrior such as myself it is extremely scary. But the idiots in Washington, who face a far more powerful Russia armed with weapons that Washington can only dream about, have no fear. Washington, the collection of the most stupid and arrogant people in the world, is exposing human life to untold risk on the sole basis of Washington’s belief in its own omnipotence.

As many people, me included, are on record--the danger is not America's strength but its weakness which many in D.C. refuse to acknowledge due to hubris and sheer incompetence. As if echoing PCR's sentiment, yesterday Vladimir Solovyov spoke to State Duma's Chair of Committee on Defense, colonel-general Andrey Kartopolov, his biography speaks for itself.  Sadly, this important conversation is only in Russian. It is about possible war between Russia and NATO. 

Kartapolov is of extremely low opinion on European NATO members' military capabilities and is of somewhat better one on the US Armed Forces, but you can easily recognize that he tries to hide his real attitude behind the wall of a politeness. He also speaks in conclusion about the meaning of 3M22 Zircon and what it brings to the table. If anyone can translate or CC this conversation that would be greatly appreciated. This is not some "political" general speaking--the guy commanded Russia's ground forces in Syria at the height of combat operations there. I thought it was important to let you know about this conversation too.

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