Friday, January 7, 2022

It Is Friday and CIAO, 2021.

It is Friday and, frankly, I am tired of this mess in the world, and here are some good news. Evidently the lovefest between Russians and Italians continues and Ivan Urgant this time surpassed what already in 2020 was thought as one off, namely CIAO 2020. No, this time musically it was better, much better and it also proved that longing for 80s and the sound of that music is not accidental everywhere around the globe. 

At 14:32 Russian pop-hit of late 1990s suddenly turned into pure gold, then Russian Olympic Gold Synchronized Swimming team, in a manner of famous guitar girls of Robert Palmer, supporting an amazing sound of Slava Marlow at 36:55 and, in the end a spectacular finish starting from 1:06:30 (watch to the very end, you have to))) with Polina Gagarina and Basta delivering everything Russian always loved about Italian pop. Just enjoy. I didn't think original CIAO could be topped. Well, they did it. San Remo, do you still remember itself at your glory days? 

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