Friday, January 21, 2022

That's Gotta Hurt.

But it is inevitable that points that really matter will be brought up. It is also not surprising that Tucker is the one who brings them. While I somewhat disagree with overly alarmist points about the US being sucked into the war with Russia, it goes without saying that at least some people in Pentagon and CIA have an idea about what it means, and, frankly, Tucker speaks about. But what he says between 4:50 and 4:58 is the point hidden deeply, away from the attention of the American public. 

The whole mythology of the "finest fighting force in history" is built around a single event of beating the shit out of the backward third world Saddam's Army after half-a-year of assembling and predeploying Coalition Troops in the area while bombing the shit out of Iraq with impunity, because of the ancient Iraqi air-defense and de facto non-functional air force. That's it. It's like a credit history and they don't want to remind about it to Americans by means of obfuscating facts. The military where pompous mediocrity Patton is considered a "great tactician", never mind he never fought a first rate Wehrmacht at the top of its power, not to mention sappy sentimental, completely contrived, BS of totally mythical, non-existent that is, "Patton-Rommel rivalry", is a good indicator that something is wrong with facts on the ground. I am not even sure Rommel, himself grossly inflated in his abilities by Monty and Churchill to inflate their role in WW II, knew who Patton was. And that's just one example out of many. Tucker said it, loud and clear. So, Tucker, yes, there are many of those who lost those five wars who still think that they can win a modern 21st century war with the 20th century force structure and TOE. 

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