Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Drowned In the Informational Noise.

It is like a famous saying--one cannot be slightly pregnant. So, if after very many days of Russia being literally hours away from "invading Ukraine", namely for 64 days (63 on the moment Bernhard of Moon of Alabama counted), one has to begin to suspect that maybe Russia after all wasn't  getting all ready to "invade" at all. Now, after yet another FUBAR by Anglo-American "intelligence" and "diplomats" amplified by Goebbelsonean propaganda known as MSM, there is an acute necessity to hide obvious facts behind the wall of verbose BS. Indeed, how can you explain this:

In related news, intelligence people are still involved in the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and they should find them any minute now.  I can only imagine how the cabal of the US "diplomats" and "spies", many of who were subjected to Anglo-American version of history and have been taught geopolitics by such people as late Zbig and his many followers, are finding out now that, in fact, not only Russia doesn't need Ukraine but she radically, same as overwhelming majority of Russians, doesn't want it. So many careers, so many reputations, fake as most  of them are in UK and US geopolitical "academe", have been now completely discredited by this fact. So many people sucked on the fat teat of the think-tankdom and abused grants and tenures by pretending that they knew Soviet Union or know modern Russia, that seeing the fundamentals of their world view, however ignorant, to be so ruthlessly smashed by the reality should be pretty disheartening. 

One doesn't have many chances to state his or her academic case in geopolitics due to much longer time-wise processes shaping geopolitical reality when compared to a duration of a single human life, so the probability of a strategic mistake is very high. So, one has to beware of a very high threshold for accuracy when trying to say something about the state of the global affairs. One doesn't need to go far to recall how Fukuyama failed at "looking into the future" and how Brzezinski laid down the foundation for one of the major factors which played into the running the United States into the ground. So, it is not just about the United States hating to look, not to mention actual being, weak, it is also a matter of many people who dealt with pseudo-academic BS in and around London and D.C. trying to save whatever "reputation" and following they obtained, preaching the gospel whose meaning they never understood. I speak about it today here a little bit. 

Is Ischenko prophetic in terms of false flag being done against Ukie government itself? One cannot exclude such a possibility. But we'll see. Meanwhile Russian and Chinese Navies train in the Arabian Sea yesterday:
Just in case. Will see what Putin and Xi will decide in Beijing. I think time when China may need to "come out" of her shell is here. Will she? Will learn soon enough.

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