Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Again on the Run, Again Off the Cuff...

It never ceases. I mean life. I address immediately the issue which interests everybody. Give it a thought, for a minute by asking these few basic questions and then answering them:

1. Q: Do Russians know who people in D.C. are? 

A: Yes, they do, in fact, I think they know it better than people in D.C. themselves. 

2. Q: Did Russia issue ultimatum to NATO in hope of a compromise? 

A: NO! The reason Russia issued this ultimatum was to publicly frame what will happen after the expected "maneuvering" by the US (I do not count Europe here at all--they are nobodies). 

3. Q: Do Russians have a military contingency plan in case (highly probable, but not fully guaranteed) the US throwing the tantrum and "refusing" this ultimatum? 

A: Yes. As Bismark is known to say: even when going to toilet for number 2 Russian makes a plan(c). Not arguably, but historically--Russian General Staff is the best planner not just militarily but across the whole spectrum of national security and national interests issue. Nobody comes even close. 

Russia DOES have all military-technological, economic and political  means to stop NATO expansion, NATO's desires notwithstanding--simple as that. I write about the widening technological and operational gap for many years now. 

On  a side note, judging by the hysteria in the Sikorski-Applebaum fanatic neocon family, they sense what is coming. 

Here is a fine specimen of a product of British and American higher education and what passes for "diplomacy" here. So, that's the "level". Can you imagine discussing anything with this dude or his wife Anne Applebaum, who specializes in a-historical BS and has a "degree" in it. Reality is not their specialization, BSing is. Remarkably, Sikorski will not be able to explain why Russia needs Poland? Poland has been thoroughly deindustrialized and lives to a large degree on EU's handouts. Russia doesn't need freeloaders. Poland is Poland and let Poland solve her problems on her own. Depending on the course of actions by Russia, Poland may even benefit in the long run by returning Lemberg (Lvov) to herself once 404 issue will be settled. Simple as that.

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