Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Stephen Marche Is an Idiot.

Which you would expect from the guy with degree in modern English Drama and the guy whose expertise horizon is limited to the spacial format of his house (or condo, whatever) and the screen of his computer. He is VERY representative what passes today for Anglo-Saxon "intellectual elite" and this drama post-doctorate "specialist" gives it a go, on the pages of the Washington Post, bloviating on a possibility of US split into several countries. Here is one of his "thoughts":

And the United States might well be better off as separate countries. It might be healthier, more rational, less prone to violence. Secession would not have to be seen as a failure, given the tensions tearing the country apart.The main difference between the American separatist movements and those in the rest of the world is that the countries that emerge from the separation could join the world quite comfortably as independent nations. If Texas were a country, it would have a GDP of $1.59 trillion, tenth in the world, slightly below Brazil and slightly ahead of Canada. It would certainly look like a country, 47th in population, 40th in size. California is even larger. With a GDP of $2.88 trillion, it recently passed Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world. It would rank 36th in population, with the world’s largest technology and entertainment sectors. A separate California would have the largest national median income in the world.

I omit here a gaping absence of even a glimpse of  mechanism which could have provided for "peaceful" separation--you wouldn't expect that from English drama theorist--but even if to imagine that such "divorce" is possible, a contingency even this drama writer admits is highly unlikely, his ideas about economies are downright risible and only underscore a complete detachment from the reality of people who in the West pass for "intellectuals". 

It is impossible to explain to Marche that his pop-statistics in economy is nothing more that white board pseudo-intellectual excrement from US "economists" who think that one can sustain economy by printing money. Apart from well-known books' cooking by Wall Street types when "calculating" the actual size of the US economy--it is dwarfed by China's and in its physical size is stunningly small for a country with population of 330+ million--it seems Marche doesn't understand that the economies of the US States he mentions mean something only synergetically when combined they produce more than the sum of their individual productions. Even today the US economy remains tightly interconnected system whose economic divorce will not produce California with GDP (grossly overvalued) of $2.88 trillion but will see California, Texas' or any other state's economy shrinking catastrophically with incalculable social consequences. 

Texas may pretend whatever it wants about itself but without the rest of the country it will fast shrink and lose most of its capabilities it boasts today. How do I know this? Well, I lived through this and I have some clue what real hi-tech economy is--no, it is not some "tech" giants from Silicon Valley. Well, at least Marche gets a clue here:

A separate Texas wouldn’t have the power of the current United States in global negotiations. It would just be another midsize country with no history and no connections. The rest of the world would give as much attention to an oppressed Texas as it gave to Xinjiang in 2009 — i.e., none.

Same goes for California or any other state and it will be doubtful that any of them separately can even recover from inevitable economic and social calamity, especially--I underscore it--especially "democrat" states which will be run into the ground very fast once completely removed from basic principles of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. We will simply get more collective Detroits, Seattles and San-Franciscos. But GOP states have no reason for schadenfreude--they doubtfully will fare much better when based on the neo-liberal economic policies which ARE in the foundation of a systemic crisis in the West, which is the crisis of economic liberalism. 

But in the end: what to do with the American nuclear arsenal? That will be the issue major powers  such as China and Russia will have to address. Any entity emerging from such disintegration of the United States will be militarily ultimately weak, if not impotent, even if to consider this theoretical blue-red split. In reality, this blue-red split is highly oversold and, bar some hotbeds of the "democrat" insanity which they present as hotbeds of "intellectualism" and "culture", such as NYC, crime-ridden Chicago or shit-hole San-Francisco, this split is primarily, not exclusively, driven by DNC corporate media. These media and the political establishment they serve do not understand that in times of such a crisis as we have on our hands today all, a WHOLE, American political class and "intellectuals" supporting it are utterly incompetent in the craft of actual governance and are incapable of developing a set of policies which can completely reformulate America's national interest, re-calibrate capabilities and prevent a catastrophe which, indeed, may lead to America's violent disintegration due to feebleness, cowardice and incompetence of the whole of the America's establishment. 

Marche's piece in the Washington Post--a mouthpiece of DNC and a propaganda outlet for the most insane economic and social policies--is a perfect example of the sheer idiocy of the ideas Western "intellectuals" generate in a face of problems and troubles which they positively cannot solve, because they don't have what it takes to do so. I have no problem with Marche's English Drama background per se but, as his meandering piece shows, he doesn't have intellectual and professional wherewithal to discuss the problem of America's disintegration as well as point out to a complete intellectual bankruptcy of the Western creative class which spearheaded many of the social and cultural practices which, indeed, helped to radicalize America.   

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