Monday, January 24, 2022

Good Quote With Some Caveats.

US Responsible Statecraft Institute held a symposium titled: What would US intervention in Ukraine really look like? Obviously the US can not "intervene" since it has neither required force nor resources. But I disagree with Macgregor's assessment in one very important respect:

The talks between Secretary of State Blinken and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov drag on without result. Meanwhile, the Russian military buildup continues without interruption. All of the NATO militaries including United States Forces are turning out to be ‘too late to change the outcome’. It seems that all NATO can do is sit and watch Russia intervene at will in eastern and southern Ukraine. Having failed for at least 20 years to acknowledge Moscow’s legitimate security interests in Ukraine, Washington and its allies will inevitably confront new facts on the ground. The real question for Washington is whether it wishes to live in a state of perpetual conflict or crisis with Moscow? If Washington declines to recognize that Moscow’s interests in the region outweigh its own, Washington may watch as its allies in Europe gradually fade away. Germany, arguably, the cornerstone in NATO’s edifice, is already signaling its readiness to pursue a new policy path toward Moscow that diverges sharply from Washington’s. How many others will follow the German path before NATO ceases to have any real meaning?

He doesn't understand how European "elites" abhor Russians. EU is a genuine article and, unlike the US whose people, for the most part, bar some mental cases of US fake-Christian fundamentalists and coastal cities' fake "intellectuals" and neocons, are normal folks (not to mention the fact that Russian and US rednecks are soulmates) who do not really hate Russians, huge segments of European population are genuine Russophobes. They hate Russia and they genuinely fear her and Russian people. In other words, European's "divergence" is a tactical, not a fundamental, one and EU will continue to hate Russians no matter what, even if for the own gain. That is why Russia reoriented herself to the East.

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