Wednesday, January 12, 2022

New TU-160 And Other Things.

It is literally NEW, like everything is new in it--from materials, to new engines, to new avionics, to new aggregates. New. Many thought it was impossible to do, well UAC did it. Today brand new TU-160 flew for the first time. 

Meanwhile, what Novatek does in Murmansk on its new gigantic wharf for building off-shore (floating) natural gas liquification plants is immense. 
IBM's big honcho Arvind Krishna expressed doubts that Russia will be able to create own quantum computers. He expressed it in 2020. Today, in 2022 MFTI presented Russia's first five-cubit quantum integral processor (in Russian). I don't doubt Mr. Krishna's competencies as an electrical engineer, I highly doubt his competencies in Russia and her scientific capabilities. In fact, I think he has no clue. He is not the first, nor he is the last one.

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