Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Picture Speaks Louder Than Words.

This is Putin and Erdogan viewing SU-57 at MAKS-2019 (in Russian). It was announced yesterday that consultations on export version of SU-57s are already in progress. 
Courtesy of TASS.
Together with announcement of the start of the production of the mysterious PAK DA (new generation strategic bomber)--it all fits quite well into "revelation" mode by Russia regarding new weapon systems. I don't know what will the "export" version of SU-57 be, but I assume it will have "reduced" hyper-sonic package compared to domestic version, some "downgrades" to avionics and, possibly, will not have the ability to operate drones, such as the latest Okhotnik (Hunter). As was predicted before, Turkey will be afforded, apart from S-400, the access to export versions of Russia's advanced technologies. Implications and ramifications of this are immense, especially in geopolitical sense. 

UPDATE: don't forget to turn on English CCs. 

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