Thursday, August 15, 2019

Reality Check.

John Bolton, apart from being unqualified to be in his current position, is also not a very bright fellow in anything related to actual weapons and technologies. You would expect this from an aggressive coward with degree Yet, John Bolton outdid even himself yesterday in his interview to Voice of America when stated at 19:57  that Russian hypersonic technologies were "largely stolen from the United States".(c) Before that he repeated ol' tired bromides about Russian economy being the size of the economy of Netherlands, but statement on hypersonic technology being "stolen" by Russia from the United States is a very peculiar one. 

Let's start with the simple fact that Bolton lies, always, this is what US degenerate so called "elites" do, in breaks between their pedophilia urges and being cuckolds at group sex parties. So, it is expected from these creeps to live in the world of their own, with their own "morals", "facts" and "reality". In their "reality", patent, into your face, lies is a given and are accepted as normal behavior. Bolton's BS, apart from laughter from many corners in Russia, including from the State Duma, is being laughed at for a simple reason that the United States simply doesn't have any. There is simply nothing to steal. One "teeny-weeny" fact of the United States lacking any dedicated true SUPERsonic strike  (anti-shipping) missile is a first clue in all that. US efforts to produce such a missile were met constantly with a variety of technological and fiscal failures, in the end all attempts to build one were abandoned. The continuous propaganda, designed for the consumption of the fanboys, that aircraft carriers firepower was more than enough to compensate for the lack of powerful strike weapons is just that, same as Bolton's statement, a BS.  Feeble attempts to base a super-sonic strike missile on the SM-6 anti-missile missile design are a typical desperate stop-gap measures which inevitably resulted in failure.  

So, the United States simply lacks any record of producing viable super-sonic missiles, unlike USSR/Russia who crossed into genuine supersonic territory already in 1959 with venerable, M=1.3 capable, P-6/35 anti-shipping missiles. P-500 Bazalt and P-700 Granit, M=2.5 capable weapons,  followed in 1960s and 1970s respectively, resulting, eventually, in a plethora of Russian genuinely super-sonic strike missiles ranging from P-270 Moskit, 3M54 Kalibr family, to P-800 Onyx, capable of roughly M=3, to a terrifying weapon, M=4.8 capable Kh-32. Mr. Bolton should know (he is the National Security Adviser, after all) that the United States has nothing even remotely comparable to this class of weapons and doesn't have technologies to produce one. That means only one thing--the United States never reached a crucial stepping stone of workable supersonic technologies, ranging from materials, fuels and control and targeting systems, among many others, to get into the hypersonic realm. 

It is, of course, also evident, judging by the rather mediocre, politely speaking, results obtained in PGS (Prompt Global Strike) program that US is not capable to control hypersonic vehicles, which, for some reason, continued to explode on tests (hint: material science). So, the statement by Bolton that Russia, who already deploys a whole class of hyper-sonic weapons, ranging from strategic Avangard to Kinzhal and upcoming 3M22 Zircon, stole something is not just preposterous, it is also very indicative of a massive butt-hurt and realization that the United States lost the arms race. I think, for all his feeble "intellectual" capabilities, Bolton knows that, and he is hurting, badly. That is why he creates ridiculous stories in desperate attempts to hide a reality from public and there is no better way to do it than in interview to am exhibit A of US propaganda and lies than Voice of America. It is a long and tedious process of sorting out who is genuinely clueless or who is simply lying among US "elites". I am not interested anymore in sorting sorts of shit out. But I tell you what, which this Bolton's interview served as impetus to note this: global markets' volatility, apart from all those "inverted curves" and other Wall Street mambo-jumbo, is just a symptom of a much deeper "illness".

I am on record with this: once world begins to understand REAL, very much exaggerated, US military capability, which is in the foundation of US-driven and owned global financial order, things will begin to collapse economically in the US. US Dollar hegemony rests not with the crooks from the Wall Street and investment banks, it rests SOLELY on the ability of the United States to enforce dollar-dominated world order. That means military, everything else is derivative. Wall Street indices can go down, or up, or stay the same--this changes nothing. The fight always was to overthrow US Dollar monopoly. In 2008, in August, first message was sent--Russia refused status-quo. Today, in 2019, Russia not only refuses status-quo, she builds her own and she can do it because she initiated Real Revolution in military affairs with technological and operational concepts which completely shifted the global balance of power in what in historic terms can be defined as an instant. Once the US ability to enforce militarily US Dollar-driven global order was lost, the game was over. Now, with all this full-scale economic warfare US is waging on China, Russia and the rest of the world, with US markets being shaky, with real American economy being a pale shadow of itself of 20 years ago, with a degeneracy of the US ruling class, with crime shooting through the roof, with opioid and drugs crisis never seen before--all those are the signs of an Empire in decline which knows that she lost control and now it is just the matter of time before she either surrenders or takes down the world with itself. To avoid this catastrophe, these are what precisely the weapons Russia created for. Not to wage the war, but to avoid one. This is the reality check Mr. Bolton MUST perform but he never will--he is a flesh and blood of US ruling class nobody of rudimentary self-respect and integrity is going to negotiate anything with and not just because this class is non-agreement capable, but because there is no strong enough soap to wash one's hands after shaking them with these people.  

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