Wednesday, August 21, 2019

As Was Totally Expected.

Russia will form additional Anti-Air (Anti-Missile) Brigades both at Northern and Pacific Fleets (in Russian). Those formations will be armed with S-300V4 (a very deep modernization of S-300V) complexes, which are on the tracked platforms, thus increasing their mobility in the most forbidden terrain, and they also are capable to develop firing solution while on the move. Those have two types of missiles capable of 150 kilometer and 300 kilometer ranges and taking out targets with the speeds of M=7.5 (that is hypersonic). So, here are the consequences of INF Treaty's "death" and anticipation of US missiles appearing close to Russian borders in the Far East. More about these complexes you can read (in English) here

As I said, not for once, China will be very interested, in view of the United States positioning her missiles closer to China, in the inflow of the latest in anti-missile defense from Russia and we can only speculate, at this point, about the volume of this inflow. I am positive it will be significant. Meanwhile, the United States is in rush to demonstrate that she has the means:
There are also some declarations about working on hypersonic weapons, but these are mostly for PR purposes. As for intricacies of the deceased INF Treaty I elaborated not for once on those--the treaty worked for the United States until she had advantage in sea-based weapon systems not covered by this Treaty. Once this advantage was lost--voila'--we have what we have now. 
Defense Secretary Mark Esper said this month that he hopes the Pentagon can develop and deploy INF-range missiles "sooner rather than later," but no specific timeline has been announced. He disputed the notion that abandoning the INF treaty will spark an arms race. "I don't see an arms race happening here," he told reporters on the day Washington and Moscow withdrew from the treaty. "Russia has been racing, if anybody, to develop these systems in violation of the treaty, not us."
Basically tedious, contrived excuses and lies, of course, lies--it is a normal MO in D.C. All that multiplied by sheer incompetence.   

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