Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Where Germany Still Survives.

From the get go--let's drop this "far-right" moniker in relation to Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. They are NOT "far-right". AfD is your classic nationalist party, which, against the background of Germany's insane suicidal politics professed by her traditional parties, looks almost alien. They are. For brainwashed, emasculated and culturally "enriched" by rape, lawlessness, gender-bending and suffocated by PC Western parts they seem too "extreme". They are not, they might well be the last vestige of Germanness. Unsurprisingly, AfD soars in what used to be GDR (DDR).    
The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has received a groundswell of support in Eastern Germany, leading in polls just weeks before regional elections in three states. Support for major parties is at a historic low.In an outcome sure to unnerve Germany’s more conventional politicians, a series of polls conducted in June and July has demonstrated that the anti-establishment force has moved to the fore in the former Eastern Bloc territory, where they enjoy steady public backing – all ahead of the crucial regional elections, two of which are scheduled in about a month’s time.By contrast, the heavyweights of German politics – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their coalition partners in the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – are facing what might be called a near collapse of popular support in the same eastern regions. In the latest poll conducted by the Emnid Institute, AfD picked up 23 percent of the vote in the five East German states, narrowly beating out the CDU, which received 22 percent.
One may begin to wonder about Eastern Germany--ahh, sure, they are still not up to "speed" with allegedly more economically developed West, but they sure as hell still have a lot of real German culture and spirit surviving there--courtesy of the....drum roll...Soviet Union which, having East Germany under occupation, instead of promoting European "values" (ahem), was acting fully in accordance to Stalin's prophetic:"Hitlers come and go, Germany remains". West Germany, on the other hand, was completely emasculated and "enriched", especially by actively Islamizing it. 

Frankly, at this stage, I personally don't really give a damn about what may happen with Europe in the future, I simply gave up, and I leave it up to chance--Que sera, sera.  Europe is declining, it is easily visible, and in this sense will not be able to make right decision for its own survival. She will continue to be America's doormat, until the United States itself contracts (in progress now), but Germany is interesting in this case, since without Germany there is no Europe. I also do not believe in Germany's return as a global player, she fails in few crucial metrics for that (every European country does), but the fact that Germans at least are trying is indicative of a future configuration for (still larger) Eurasia. As America inevitably and visibly is fading away as a sole (self-proclaimed, mostly) global power, this configuration of political forces in Europe (or whatever will be left of it) will have huge significance for historic fates of what used to be known as Western Civilization.

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