Sunday, August 11, 2019

I Don't Think Socialist Revolution Is Coming To America, LOL.

I couldn't miss this. Those scary brutal American bolsheviks who are about to organize themselves into Red Guard battalions and go out to sacrifice their lives for the happiness of proletariat and of socialist revolution. Wait, what? Quiet Rooms to get over one's "sensory overload" from chatter and...applauding. Boy, talk about sacramental Marx's: history repeats itself first as a tragedy and then as a farce. Somehow, I am sure that capitalists are really content with American "socialists" being that tough and threatening as they are, LOL. Enjoy:))))

So, I Don't Think Socialist Revolution Is Coming To America any time soon and the best way to ensure that is to allow these freak-shows to be exposed as much as possible--to see what a powerful revolutionary force those "socialists" (I mean globalist SJWs) are. Maybe Homeric laughter will be this force which will bring revolution about--a revolution in recognition of American so called "left" for what it is--a freak show of gender fluid imbeciles who are the main constituents of Democratic Party. For all my revulsion towards a Republican one, I may add.

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