Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Bird Flies For The First Time.

Yes, long awaited maiden flight of MC-21 did take place today. She is a beauty. The first flight lasted 30 minutes and went without any problems. 

This event, unlike the maiden flight of COMAC C919, is huge. MC-21 is a full and extremely competitive package. The first prototype was powered by Pratt And Whitney engines (presumably for prospective foreign customers), starting from the fourth prototype MC-21 will be powered by PD-14. Apart from being a state-of-the-art aircraft, MC-21 boasts, the only, in his class of mid-range commercial jets, vacuum infused carbon fiber (composite) wing. This makes this wing both extremely strong and light. At this stage there are 175 firm orders for this plane with more to follow, once one considers Russia's vast market for this type of aircraft, which for now is dominated by B737 and A320, many of them bought used (second-hand). In this case it is up to Irkut Corporation and UAC to provide appropriate financing and services to this plane.    

UPDATE: I couldn't miss this, Yak-130 (light fighter/trainer) which escorted MC-21 maiden flight, having some kind of aerial.... orgasm? ;)) Some really good flying in the end of the video


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