Wednesday, May 10, 2017


One of the most important, nay, existential national question of Russia has been addressed by Moscow's lawmakers--they prepared a legislature which may forbid Russians to keep bears in their flats in Russia's capital (in Russian). It is a well known fact that Moscow's bears (and not only Moscow's, there are many issues with bears in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok too), when bored tend to sneak out to Russian cities' streets and begin to take away vodka from Russian children. Bears' alcoholism is a wide-spread national problem in Russia and alcoholic bear in a family, know--a trouble. Nor do bears limit themselves to denying Russian children vodka, they steal bicycles! Some, actually, steal motorcycles. Can you imagine what they do on the highways, especially if drunk? This can not stand! 

So, I think Moscow's legislators are correct--enough with bears arrogantly, self-assertively (and freeloadingly) living in apartments and using all privileges of regular Muscovites without paying taxes and utilities. Bears must leave Moscow's apartments and, at least, try to get a job, in Auchan as check out clerks or in IKEA superstores. Obviously, there are no job openings in Moscow's circuses.  I wouldn't also trust bears as taxi-cab drivers (considering Moscow's nightmarish traffic), nor do bears do well as CNC operators in manufacturing sector, least of all as Aeroflot pilots. They do, however, make excellent babysitters, when properly educated. But now, with new legislation, Russia may start to finally address bear problem and all Russians waited for this glorious day since the times of ancient Rus;) 


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