Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Victory Day "Wrap Up".

One photo (among few below) which struck me this Victory Day was not from Moscow, which recorded 850 000 people, biggest ever,  marching in Immortal Regiment, nor even St.Petersburg (Leningrad, of course) with its mammoth 700 000 march. It was expected from Volgograd (Stalingrad), Sevastopol. But it was Vladivostok which really did it for me. 


You are not Russian if you don't know your Kalashnikov
Each year, more and more youngsters join this and each year, one can sense how, despite all efforts, all those "rukopozhatnye" (hand-shaking capable--meaning uber-liberal so called "intelligentsia") cringe and squeal as a devil at the sight of a cross, you can hear how Solzhenitsyn rotates in his grave, how all those who denigrated Russian history of the 20th Century are going apoplectic. Arctic Fox beautifully put it in one of the Sal's Blog threads about new mythology being born in Russia. I do, however, have a slight correction--it was always there, it is just that it was buried in 1990s under the layer of lie, propaganda, hatred and outright russophobia by the so called  new Russian "elites". If there is a sign of a complete break from 1990s it is this Immortal Regiment. Does Putin understand what he had started? I think he does, hopefully this understanding will manifest itself in what overwhelming majority of Russians wait from him, and it is better be soon.

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