Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Grand Bargain?

I didn't have the chance to really listen to Sergei Lavrov's press-conference (disposition and the tone do matter here) but one phrase which caught attention of many in Russia after Lavrov's meeting with Secretary Of the State Tillerson and President Trump was this: 
As I stated many times before, my main expectation from Trump's presidency is not some kind of Russian-American "friendship", my expectations are on several orders of magnitude less optimistic:

D.C. establishment, whose mental faculties are fading, only now begins to grasp the scale of limitations of American resources, which have been dramatically reduced by US insane foreign policy based on mythology and delusion. I think Trump does understand this, in the end, being that damn convincing during his cmpaign could have been a result of only two, mutually exclusive, things:

1) Trump being a cynical con-man and an actor of a Sir Lawrence Olivier caliber or...

2) Trump being, however peculiar, a true American patriot who struggles with internal pressures. 

At this stage pp.2 is becoming more likely, especially when one begins to consider FBI Director Comey's firing and, however required to be taken with a huge grain of salt, Bloomberg's piece on the situation with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. I readily admit--I was fooled initially by McMaster's alleged "scholarship", him being a maverick and his Ph.D. All of it turned out to be a mythology which was dispelled quite fast and squarely placed McMaster in the corner of globalists and war-mongers, the same type of people who presided or, rather, created current American situation which in geopolitical terms can only be described as a disaster. But in the end, US is being forced by the circumstances to deal with reality (the other option is to unleash the global war) and reality is such that, objectively, grand bargain is inevitable in one form or another. Lavrov's words seem to underscore Trump Administration's understanding of that. As long as understanding of impossibility of resolution of American conundrum through military conflict exists, the rest becomes the matter of "next step" and meeting of Presidents of Russia and United States in July has been confirmed

The roll call of both Russia's and USA's real (not ideological) national interests must take place before US and Russia will move forward with a number of issues they, indeed, can solve together but for that Trump needs to tame D.C.--a task akin to Heracles 5th Labor, but can US and the world afford things the way they are going now (and in the last 25 years)? I don't think so.  It seems that there is such understanding in the White House. Under today's circumstances this is worth a lot. Small steps...

"At present, our dialogue is not as politicized as it used to be during Obama’s presidency. The Trump administration, including the president himself and the secretary of state, are people of action who are willing to negotiate,"


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