Monday, May 1, 2017

Russian Naval Cats Are... Cattier Than Westminster Cats.

On a lighter note. The Telegraph replied to Russia's Defense Ministry's "expose" on a cat who went to the combat patrol to the shores of Syria on one of the ships of Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier Battle Group. 

As The Telegraph noted:

This cat has a more perilous job than the moggies the British have in Westminster, who chiefly meet foreign ambassadors and catch mice.
Cats have had a place on board Russian ships for many years, and now appear to serve the purpose of making their military operations look more cute and cuddly.

Cuddly operations certainly sound nice. In my experience, I went to combat patrols with several cats, one mutt which was an official dog (and sometimes bitches he brought to have fun with) of our Brigade and went, once in a while, to patrols on the ships of his own choice--I guess smells from galleys were a tie breaker. I also served with a hedgehog--little poor thing couldn't handle storms that well. Moreover, I also served with a falcon (called promptly Vasya) who had his wing broken and lived on the bridge tied to the railings. He didn't mind, we fed him extremely well. Animals on ships are afforded always a special place but also are treated as combat comrades and have their own berth(s) and meals. Now, this ginger feline must be issued this:

Or this:

This one, though, it seems is on its way to admiral epaulets.

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