Monday, May 8, 2017

Victory Day

It has been 72 years but for Russians those events remain as close as ever. A generation who missed its grandfathers (and grandmothers) due to Great Patriotic War is still around. Yours truly is from this generation. Those granddads (somebody's fathers) and grand-moms (somebody's moms) died in millions on the fronts of the bloodiest war in human history, they were also herded and shipped to Nazi Germany--many to concentration camps, others as slaves to the superior race, which wanted to keep about 14 million of Slavic untermensch alive, as slaves, raise to the ground Moscow and Leningrad and annihilate of move beyond Urals other 100 millions. Russians, and other nations of Soviet Union, rejected this fate. 

Barbarossa was not just Nazi Germany's quest for the thousand year Reich, it was, yet again, West's crusade on historic Russia, that time known as Soviet Union. As with 1814, with Russian Army marching into Paris, in 1945 the Red Army took Berlin and the new world, we all still live in, was born. But those who control the past control the future and West's propaganda machine was working overtime for this

Speaks volumes, while tomorrow millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Kazakhs, Tatars, Bashkirs, you name them, will march in Immortal Regiment columns wearing portraits and memorabilia of those who fought at the gates of Moscow, at Stalingrad, at Kursk, fought for Leningrad, those who took Berlin and who demolished Wehrmacht and SS. 

Those who care and who know, I wish you a happy Victory Day, including Soviet Union's valiant Allies who fought bravely. They are remembered always. I hope to see them at Red Square in the stands during parade and in Immortal Regiment march. 

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