Saturday, December 17, 2022

Larry On Hysteria... And Not Only.

Larry gives an excellent spread on the hysteria in the West.  

Pay attention to highlighted in yellow. It is spot on. But it is not just hysteria, it is some bizarre combination of panic and delusion. Herr Scholz is an imbecile, as is most of his "cabinet" saturated with brainwashed stooges of the Empire. And if it wasn't enough for this "leader" to parade himself and Germany as clowns, he doubled down today.

The Western nations should never walk out of talks with Moscow, regardless of how big the "differences" between the two sides are, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Germany’s SZ newspaper in an interview published on Friday. Dropping out of any talks with Moscow would only make the task of ending the ongoing conflict in Ukraine harder, the chancellor believes. "What is important is that, despite major differences in [our] positions, we do not let the thread of talks with Russia be broken," Scholz said, adding that "if we do not talk, Russia would be even less likely to end the war." The chancellor still blames Moscow for its ongoing conflict with Kiev and maintains it is Russia that should be proactive in halting military action. Yet, the chancellor also advocates a negotiated solution rather than a military one. "For this, it will be necessary to talk," he told SZ.

Somebody, explain this moron that there will be no "negotiations" anymore with Europe--only dictating conditions for unconditional surrender. His Germany is a geopolitical pip-squeak, who long ago traded her sovereignty and culture for the ersatz economic stability largely due to Soviet and Russian energy imports, and Russians are keenly aware of the origins of Germany's contemporary organic Russophobia, much of which is rooted in the events of Spring 1945. 

And then, of course, crusty fossil of good ol' Henry Kissinger who completely lost his mind and even a remote sense of what modern warfare is. This creep now warns against "another world war", by invoking... inapplicable "lessons" of WW I. 

Urgently negotiating an end to hostilities in Ukraine would prevent another world war, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger argued in an essay published on Friday. The 99-year-old statesman noted that, in 1916, the US government had the chance to end the First World War through diplomacy, but missed it for reasons of domestic politics. Kissinger laid out his reasoning in the December 17 issue of The Spectator, describing the current conflict as a “war in which two nuclear powers contest a conventionally armed country,” a clear reference to Ukraine being a proxy war between the US and Russia. The “peace process” Kissinger proposes would “link Ukraine to NATO, however expressed,” as he believes neutrality for Kiev is no longer an option. He also wants Russia to withdraw to the lines before February 24, while the other territories Ukraine claims – Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea – “could be the subject of a negotiation after a ceasefire.” 

How this artifact of America's past "glories", such as Vietnam, is still listened to is a complete mystery--the dude is lost completely in technological and operational realities, same as doesn't have a handle on what real global power balance is. What's left for him is to "sell" some platitudes to Western media. Somebody, tell this guy that the US lost the arms race. And I mean not a hyperbole, I am talking about hard cold reality of the US now trailing behind Russia in key military technologies and having a disastrous procurement philosophy designed, however unintentionally, to lose real wars.  

Somebody explain to him what this is and what, actually, defends those silos, before he spews the next portion of geopolitical delirium. But Henry's desperate attempts to save NATO from what is coming to it are just another manifestation of what is highlighted in yellow in Larry's quote from his Western Hysteria piece.  Yes, losing hurts. Especially against this news which underscore my point of many years--Dollar economic figures are meaningless when measuring against real, physical economies and real militaries and their actual combat capabilities. Absolutely meaningless and, in fact, nothing more than a propaganda shtick to represent Western economies as the largest ones in the world. 

The US dollar may soon disappear from Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) trade statistics, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says, as member-states are cutting use of the currency in mutual settlements. Lavrov noted that trade between the countries of the union is rapidly growing, and said it is high time statistics were calculated in the currencies they use. The EEU, which is based on the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, was established in 2015. It was later joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. “The EEU is one of the most dynamically developing regional associations. It unites almost 185 million consumers, and its total gross income is more than $2 trillion. Although, it is time to switch over to calculating statistics in other currencies, so far we count in dollars out of habit,” Lavrov said at a conference on Wednesday.

It goes without saying, that the nation which can, for the price of a SINGLE US strategic missile submarine, which doesn't even exist yet, procure eight state-of-the-art boomers, will have little problem prosecuting the large scale combined arms operation such as SMO without disrupting economic activity at home. But they don't teach those things in American universities where Kissinger is listed as "honorable" member. And so it goes--PR maneuvers to cover up the real story. Meanwhile, Russia, who, as we all know, ran out of missiles yet again, yesterday turned off the lights in 404 and continued to churn out those nasty little Karakurts capable of carrying all those missiles, of which Russia, evidently, runs out constantly. One of them, "Burya" (Tempest) has left for State Trials to be transferred to the Navy soon. 

I wonder why Russia ordered the additional batch of 3M22 Zircons a few weeks ago (in Russian), wink, wink. This is your Saturday primer. 

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