Wednesday, December 21, 2022


Thanks to Thermobarbaric for pointing this out.

I briefly looked over the gist of this report as well as visited the site of this Lab in Pittsburgh and can confidently state that pseudo-sciences are increasingly present in American and Western universities and, obviously, the issue of combat training long ago became in the US Armed Forces the matter of voodoo-dancing, bad spirits exorcism rituals and developing a newspeak for already demoralized force. It has nothing to do with real combat training, cohesion of sub and units and tradition. 

Tucker and Candace speak about this issue a day ago. 

In general, at this stage any humanities "degree" obtained in the last 10 years from any US university should be viewed as disqualifying factor in any discussion on matters concerning history, politics, national security and real economy. The imposition of totalitarian (non)thinking is in full swing in the West and, eventually, this will also completely corrupt even STEM and natural sciences field. In fact, this is also in progress as I type it. 

Physicists Need to Be More Careful with How They Name Things. The popular term “quantum supremacy,” which refers to quantum computers outperforming classical ones, is uncomfortably reminiscent of “white supremacy”

I wrote about this insanity before. We observe a complete societal collapse, one institution after another, US military is in progress, STEM and free scientific inquiry are next. This is how civilizations die.

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