Friday, December 30, 2022

Let's Give A Proper Definition.

I mean the term "domination". Often people, understandably, use the term "domination" as a euphemism for the US foreign policy. What many fail to point out is that "domination"--a supremacy or preeminence over another, exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence, as defined my Merriam Webster is not really US actual trait. The US is always hell-bent on domination but it is miserably inept on exercising it, with the exception over Europe, and if anything else it primarily attempts it without success. We all know how US "domination" of Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan went. The US never achieved any "domination" there. Enter Russia, China and India. Good luck "dominating" those, especially Russia and here US dreams of "domination" become nothing more than wet dreams. 

Hence the desperation and loss of any semblance of any class or even legitimacy by the American warmongers such as coward and war criminal Lindsey Graham. Kim Iversen couldn't let it slide. 

As most psychopaths, a preferred type for modern American politics, Graham is, indeed, a coward and a thug, and he cannot stand the feeling of slipping "domination" of the US over not just Russia--only moron could believe that Russia will submit--but over the whole global geopolitical realm and Graham hates Vladimir Putin because he is nothing like him. Same goes for the 90% of American political class which is stuffed with different iterations of Lindsey Graham. 

How people of South Carolina continue to reelect this terrorism enabler and a thug is a complete mystery to me, but then again--people of Arizona were reelecting a thug John McCain for decades. Here is McCain facing a little bit of reality from the US Marine.

At least late John stood there and took it, Graham would have ran away as he did when approached by Russian TV crew a few years back with request for commentary--he simply ran. So, calling for the head of nuclear superpower to be assassinated is so senatorial in the US today. And the US main-stream media are mum. Of course they are. Are you surprised? I am not. Can you imagine a torment they are going through when seeing their Nazi SOBs in 404 being annihilated on the industrial scale. That's gotta hurt.

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