Tuesday, December 27, 2022

About Energy, Again.

You already heard (read) Putin's Executive Order on sales of oil, which effectively cuts the EU and the US off the Russia's oil. No, I mean it--the idiots thought that Russia will kneel and crawl back to Washington to ask for forgiveness. To demonstrate the degree of imbecility--there is no other term for description of West's "elites'" abilities--Die Welt, the rag from the country which is being obliterated economically as I type this, decided to "analyze" Russia's economy. 

Translation: Russia's economy is holding up better than expected against Western sanctions. In addition to raw material prices, two groups with almost ideal skills are primarily responsible for this. They tend to reject Putin's aggressive foreign policy and are pursuing a mission.

Die Welt means, of course, drum roll... drum rolling... German Gref and Elvira Nabiullina. You see, this is another proof that you cannot fix stupid. 99% of graduates of Western "economics" departments are morons with zero grasp of modern world, and you know that I speak and write about it non-stop. Herr Steiner who wrote this BS, and whose "education" is in Philology and Russian Literature, is a classic example of European "expert" who has no clue. Most of them don't, yet he waxes strategic just because he may have read Crime and Punishment in Russian and dined with Moscow's beau monde, who themselves are nothing more than parrots of West's ideological platitudes. 


Russia plans to ramp up geological prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons - gas in particular - in the country’s east as it looks to increase supplies of gas to Asian partners, Russian Natural Resources and Environment Minister Alexander Kozlov has revealed in an interview.“We have set a priority for ourselves in geological prospecting and exploration and in aiding the search for mineral resources, particularly hydrocarbons, to be geographically closer to future consumers and transport infrastructure. For example, the Power of Siberia pipeline, gas from which goes to China. We have made the decision to carry out geological exploration throughout Yakutia and to do everything to [understand the production potential] in relation to hydrocarbons, particularly with gas, to be known. So that there’s not one, but more pipelines going in the eastern direction. Because this is guaranteed revenue for our country, guaranteed sales to a major partner,” Kozlov said.

Somebody, please, explain to cretins in Die Welt that Germany's, and Europe's, prosperity and economic development in the last half-a-century was based almost entirely on Soviet/Russian affordable energy. Hey, when even such moron as Borrell admits:

One has to take a heed, not to mention to at least try to study basic Physics, especially molecular theory of matter and thermodynamics to understand why EU "prosperity" is a thing of the past. One cannot fight laws of physics by issuing political proclamations--the only skill Western political and "intellectual" class have. 

That brings us to the issue of SMO and why it is going this way and not the other--very simple, Russia is simply waiting. Waiting for what, you may ask? Obviously for irreversible political changes precipitated by military-economic ones. That is why another fine product of the West's BS academics, Charles Kennedy, reacts so sorely to Mr. Medvedev's fun predictions:

Medvedev’s Absurd Predictions: $150 Oil, A U.S. Civil War, And EU Collapse. 

I don't see any absurdity in Medvedev's predictions headlined in the title of Kennedy's piece, because EU is slated for collapse because contradictions between EU nations are unsolvable and we all already see how those cracks begin to widen. Per US civil war, Mr. Kennedy better look around and note America's internal dynamics:

After all, Medvedev, being a troll of the 80th Level, based his predictions on a very real economic and social dynamics of the modern combined West, and it is, pardon my French, a very shitty dynamics all around. Ah, yes, good ol' Dmitry also used to be Russia's both Prime Minister and President and in such a capacity had, still does, the access to the highest state secrets of Russia and knows things we don't know. 

And finally to the "revelations" of the Mozart Group's big honcho about Ukraine:

“A corrupt, fucked up society. I’m not a big fan of Ukraine. Ukrainians violate the Hague Convention. They should not film their crimes on video, so as not to attract the attention of the media. Yes, Ukrainians are violating… They film a number of things they do with prisoners of war, violating the law on military conflicts. Guys, the murder of Russian prisoners (a common thing). It’s not about Ukraine. I had the Ukrainian flag tied to my bag, but I’m not “Oh my God, Ukraine is so awesome!” No, cause… fucked up people are running Ukraine!”

Welcome to the real world and war, pal. I bet they didn't teach this in your educational facilities and USMC. What law of military conflict are you talking about, Colonel? SS were using Russian children for target practice in occupied USSR in WW II, Chechen and US funded separatists loved to cut heads and castrate POWs, so do VSU people. Rape and robbery is their natural MO. Yes, Colonel, it is not about Ukraine, it is about the US desperately grasping at the last straw of her grossly inflated self-proclaimed hegemony and because of that willing to use any means, including genocide to prolong own agony, by inflicting it on millions upon millions of other people. "O, say, can you see..." 

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