Thursday, December 8, 2022

Untrustworthy By Mr. Smith.

In Larry's blog:

Russian has a rather complicated adjective недоговороспособны (nedogovorosposobny) for which there isn’t any good English equivalent. Literally it means something like “not together in speaking to find a way”; the clumsy English word used is not-agreement-capable. The meaning is “you can’t make an agreement with them and, even if you could, they’d break it”. The Minsk agreements were negotiated between Kiev and the breakaway regions of Lugansk and Donetsk with two variants in 2014 and 2015. In essence they agreed to a ceasefire and the start of negotiations on some form of autonomy for Lugansk and Donetsk inside the borders of Ukraine. The second version had big involvement by France (President Hollande) and Germany (Chancellor Angela Merkel) – they were its guarantors. Russia’s role was to force Lugansk and Donetsk to the table (they would have preferred independence or joining Russia.) The agreements never took effect.

The question is, is Merkel stupid? She is, certainly, not bright and... very provincial. Now, one-cell armchair "strategists", primarily people who read at best RT, begin to talk about how Putin was duped. He was not, and the best proof of this are Russian media since 2015 which documented quite well how Ukraine was being prepped by NATO, as well. So, for people who do not know how the control of such country as Russia is done, it is impossible to explain to them that even the progress of SMO is proof that Kremlin knew it all along. 

I speak about it in my video today:

I will repeat again: the way Russia plans strategically is beyond modern West's experiences at the very top, let alone among laymen. And yes, Russia hasn't been ready in 2014 to face-off with combined West. She is ready and doing it now.

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