Saturday, December 10, 2022

Andrei Raevsky Asks A Reasonable Question.

Discussing low class, pathetic behavior of Ukie delegation to D.C. when they wipe the shoes with DNR flag in a front of Washington bureaucrats, The Saker posits this: 

Ask yourself a basic question: is that the behavior of a side clearly winning a war?  And I don’t only mean the Ukrainians, I also very much mean the USA and NATO too. But then, one could be forgiven for thinking that the folks in DC have been transmogrified into a gang of infantiles on crack cocaine.  For a country built on the worship of capitalism and free markets, the idea to try introduce a worldwide cap on the price of the single most important commodity out there should be absolute crimethink.  Yet the Hegemony is now trying to impose a 60 dollars caps on Russia oil, thereby only creating pressure for an increase in the price.  Remember those basic supply and demand graphs from economics classes? You could say that the Empire has now declared war on that supply and demand graph :-) It is especially amazing to see that the US wants to impose a price war on Russia, when all the other major actors (KSA, Venezuela, Iran, etc.) are all hostile to the Empire and its constant bullying. Again, ask yourself a basic question: is that the behavior of a side clearly winning a war?

Using the logic of the Third Stage Guild Navigator from Dune--the answer is within the question. This Andrei's observation fits extremely well with the issue of the US military discussed by Larry and his friend.

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