Sunday, December 18, 2022

They Continue to Run With This BS.

I mean it. NYT, obviously, is a professional and human sewer serving as a bullhorn of DNC propaganda, but after making a risible story on "attempt" on Gerasimov, immediately the main source of Western media "info", mentally unstable Arestovich "confirmed".

It is impossible to explain to imbeciles in NYT, who made this shit up in a desperate attempt to demonstrate the US willingness to "talk to Russia", and in preparation to the shift in narrative on 404, how the system of measures of preparation of such visits looks like, because US media have no real experts in modern war and, especially, the way Russia conducts it. It was only natural for mutual BS-feeders such as NYT (or US media, in general) and Ukie Goebbels to pair in spreading yet another utter delirium. I speak about this today:

The desperation in D.C. and in EU is palpable. You can almost cut it with knife. Hence a geopolitical and military delirium from Kissinger. There will be many who will swallow this fantasy hook, line and sinker. But, events in and around Bakhmut and Russia "running out of missiles and ammo" have their own logic which is beyond the grasp of Western establishment. I am on record--they don't teach real military history in Western universities. I will omit now speaking on Pentagon's approach to training of operational and strategic level command corps, but something tells me it is not education and training of appropriate level. One has to plan, but American military-political system institutionally is not designed for real planning. Look at the "glorious" results of the US military "operations". Facts speak for themselves and no amount of spin can change it.

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