Wednesday, December 14, 2022

On A News-"Fluid" Note.

JP is good at it, LOL)))

But if that wasn't enough from Biden Admin turning the country into a circus, as it turned out, Ricky Gervais was too kind to Hollywood and imbeciles and pedophiles who constitute the majority of it, when speaking about them at Golden Globes Ceremony in 2020. Now Jennifer Lawrence, finally, opened the glorious path to female action heroes after playing Katniss Everdeen in totally risible Hunger Games. 

The outcry was heard all over the world because the Immortal masterpieces of two first films from Alien franchise have been released ahem... when Jennifer Lawrence hasn't been born yet. But many of us surely have been. When even woke cretins from entertainment industry cringe from this condescending BS, one has to ask a frog question--are we being slowly cooked in the pot at a very low heat? The answer seems obvious--yes.  
In the same time--this came out in 1991, when Lawrence was just a baby. Looking at this, one has to admit--Hollywood is done, it cannot produce a shit worth of good entertainment not to mention masterpieces of such a scale as Aliens or Terminator. It was a different time, different people too.

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