Sunday, December 11, 2022

Short Clarification On "50/50" Offensive.

Many of us: Larch, me, Bernhard and others are talking about the possibility (50/50) of Russia NOT going on the offensive this December, as, for example, Douglas Macgregor predicted. Pay attention: there is no contradiction here--the offensive will happen 100%, it is just the matter of WHEN. Keep in mind that we do not know the dynamics of behind the stage games and do not have full picture of secret diplomacy, let alone intel. Russia is, indeed, in full NATO demilitarization mode, so much so that one French general with Russian name--Yakovleff--speaking on French TV channel LCI proposed to bomb May 9th Parade on the Red Square (in Russian). This shows you a complete helpless rage of many in the West and this factor--helplessness often results in utterly irrational decisions--should also be considered in Kremlin. I am sure they know this and do consider it. 

So, the offensive may start this December, it may start in February or March. We'll see. If to believe this map (you know how I abhor all those "operational maps" by fanboys), Russians (now traditionally) already captured Bakhmut's plant of champagnes and methodically clear VSU from the fringes of the city. 

So, don't rush to the conclusions--we know the overall trend and how the final result will look like.

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