Saturday, December 10, 2022

Larry On The US Military...

 ... taking a stock. 

I believe we are witnessing the end of America’s days as the World’s Policeman. The U.S. military is an expensive expeditionary force. Deploying troops and equipment to foreign countries to wage war is a costly business. Not just in terms of lives lost, but it requires, as we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, billions of dollars that are burned up on battlefields without achieving any significant political outcome that strengthens the security of the United States. We are witnessing a new phase of this reality in Ukraine. U.S. weapons on the battlefield on the Donbas are not game changers. The war in Ukraine has exposed the weakness of the logistics capability of both the United States and the NATO members. We have reached a point where the United States defense contractors can only produce 20,000 artillery shells in a month while Russia is firing that many in one day and is able to continue supplying its troops. 

In his excellent piece Larry quotes his famous, for now remaining anonymous, friend and his words are worth reading and re-reading. I am on record, including through a few of my latest videos--I am 50-50 on Russia's winter offensive, the chances of this are equal to what becomes increasingly clear--demilitarization of not just 404, but of NATO. Bernhard also talks about it in his latest

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