Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Thank You, Switzerland)))

If you think that this is a joke, don't:

Switzerland will not accept certificates on COVID-19 vaccination with Sputnik V for the media accreditation at the upcoming Russia-US summit in Geneva, Pierre-Alain Eltschinger, a spokesman for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, told Sputnik on Wednesday

Here is (in Russian) Russian official version from Ria. Considering the fact that Vladimir Putin and Russian delegation to summit in Geneva are all vaccinated with Sputnik V, Russians finally have their excuse to cancel a generally useless summit and not attend it. Hey, rules are rules. Law of the land, you know, and everyone knows that you cannot break laws, wink, wink. I have an idea, if the decision will be made to hold the summit, number of locations come to mind. If push comes to shove, how about Japan, or China...ah, wait. Well, on a more serious note, there are plenty of places other than Europe to consider for a summit, not to mention the fact that US media are already in full hysteria mode and see in Geneva some kind of conspiracy and Russia's subliminal message. Just listen to this talking head Amy Kellog who was informed "by one Russian analyst".

I have news for Kellog (and Fox)--you don't have any "Russian analysts". BSers you have aplenty, but no "Russian analysts", I know them all who are in the open. They are no "analysts". Nor are they scholars. Hey, last minute idea--how about summit at the... International Space Station? Will Joe know what galaxy he is in? I kid, I kid...but thank you, Switzerland, LOL.

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