Sunday, June 13, 2021

Dmitry Orlov's Take.

Which is very much in agreement with my and others' (Pepe Escobar, The Saker among others) takes on this whole "summit" business and the geopolitical dynamics of the last few years. Here is an excellent excerpt from Dmitry's piece which you can read in full by visiting his blog:

These arrangements are likely to be enforced by China and Russia working in tandem. China is insular by nature and can in general either trade with other cultures or absorb them. The one exception in Russia, to which China now clings like a needy girlfriend. The symbiosis is a natural one: unlike China, Russia is the opposite of insular and can digest and appropriate entire foreign civilizations....Unlike China, whose military is huge but untested in battle and uninterested in power projection, the Russians are a warrior culture that prides itself on its invincibility and that has made coercion to peace its specialty. Russia excels at building and operating huge energy, transportation and materials production systems which China needs and has the vast natural resources to continue operating them for centuries. Its fossil fuels will hold up for another half a century; after that, if all goes according to plan, it will switch to burning depleted uranium using its closed nuclear cycle technology, and there are a few thousand years' worth of it already stockpiled. Faced with such major difficulties, the technosphere has not given up. Without filing a change of address form, it has quietly relocated and is now busy telecommuting between Moscow and Beijing.

Just read the whole thing--it is a great read typical of Orlov's excellent writing and it adds yet another facet to the picture of Western decline which seems now irreversible. As Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently: The Western World Has Repudiated Itself. Difficult to disagree. I heard there is a fierce sausage fight between UK and France at G7 gathering and Biden, obviously, is a bit slow geography-wise. It is a fucking circus.

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