Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Not Again.

The moment I was about to settle into the anticipation mode for the upcoming heat wave, bang, we have some pip squeak pretending that it can play a superpower. Everyone knows already that HMS Defender pretended that she is "stealth" and can defend something and violated territorial waters of Russia near Crimea. The warning shots have been fired and two OFAB-250 have been dropped on the course of British ship in full accordance to both International Law and Russia's Law of State Border and now British say that there were no shots fired and bombs dropped. Yes, yes, and UK is a global superpower and has freest political system and UK government never, like never-never, lies (all the time).  

Here is UK naval attache in Moscow getting Russia's position expressed to him in Russian MoD. No sound, and rightly so--those things are seldom made public and, who knows, the British guy may be a very nice fellow who himself may feel embarrassed.

Now, the video of a couple of SU-24 doing their thing. 

Now two aspects. 

1. Military: BBC correspondent onboard of HMS Defender actually confirmed both artillery shots and bombing. Media also state that the crew of HMS Defender was on their stations during the incident and that indicates that they were doing this "on purpose". My hope is that British Admiralty, known today as Navy Department, understands that under such circumstances the issue here is not Russia easily sinking anything Royal Navy may decide to get into the Black Sea, but the fact that Russia, without going nuclear, can rearrange stones in London in such a way that those in British Defense Ministry who will survive will have to find proper new building to have a place to work, or serve. 

I hope they explained this simple fact to all fine lads who man Royal Navy ships, together with the fact, that there will be no United States to help UK in case cretins in London unleash conflict, because there will be no United States. In fact, seeing UK--a secondary power, which has near zero real military capability and a real GDP smaller than that of Indonesia, and even that due to non-productive service economy--trying to play games adults play is rather funny, but it is also dangerous and it may come down to provocation resulting in Royal Navy ship sunk and squealing UK running to the US and NATO for support. British used to be really good at assessing forces, evidently not anymore. Well, they better look up basic salvo equations and see for themselves how many leakers are possible even against the most advanced Royal Navy's ECM and AD. I'll give a hint--many. I am sure Russians know what it takes to deal with Aster family. In other words, UK militarily is at best a lap dog with minimal military capability which is good only for starting the war, in which UK will cease to exist as a country, forget military force, in a matter of 20-30 minutes. I am sure someone knows this in London. After all, Russia is not exactly Argentina, and even there, at Falklands, the Royal Navy had its nose bloodied pretty badly. 

2. Political. The UK is already fully declined power, which pretends that, because it has a developed banking sector and Royal Family, it matters. It does not for powers the scale of Russia, China or even the United States which are ungovernable at this moment. The days of glory for UK are long gone, with UK going into the second tier mode immediately after the WW II and then having this formalized by the US in the days of a Suez Crisis. So, the only services to its own grossly inflated ego the UK can offer are those of spoiler either on the service of globalist mafia infesting D.C. and London or in playing a pretend game that UK can develop its own coherent foreign policy. It surely can develop such a policy but it is not going to be coherent due to inability of London "elites" to think in appropriate terms, since British exceptionalism is even deeper seeded than the American one. Indeed, glorious Imperial past can do the trick on you and will make you lose a sense of scale and of proportion. 

So, the UK can certainly continue to play big power games but, as is always the case with secondary or tertiary powers, they inevitably overstretch and then collapse. In fact, British history of the 20th century is exactly the exhibit A of a declining power trying to fight a global war and then recognizing that it simply ran out of resources. But that was in WW II. Today the UK is nowhere near, when prorated for the time period, of the UK (BI) of 1939 and is a country whose whole army can fit into the new Wembley Stadium and whose Navy still thinks that it can fight a serious war and survive. Those are dangerous delusions, but I, honestly, cannot recall in the recent two decades at least a single common sense foreign policy idea coming from London. But London has to face a reality that the times of a "big game" are long gone and Russia can wipe out the whole of UK with its navy and army in a matter of minutes, while UK cannot do the same to Russia--she is too damn strong and is in a different league across the board than UK. Simple as that, hence rabid Russo-phobia of British "upper" class.  I can feel their pain. 

That, in general, gives one a framework for the recent incident and somebody really needs one of the Royal Navy's ship to be send to the bottom and it is a matter of a educated guess where this criminal warmonger (or warmongers) is hiding primarily--in London, or in D.C. Something tells me that looking at Dieppe in August 1942 and such specimens as Mountbatten, who saw thousands of Canadians sacrificed for a murky political goal, may give an idea that there is no atrocity, or stupidity, or turpitude official London can fail to justify. We saw it today and that is typical. Russians know that.

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