Thursday, June 17, 2021

On Average...

US (and Western in general) MSM journo is stupid and badly educated. Real journalism requires a very high level awareness and analytical type of mind and an extraordinary level of education in a broader, classical sense, which translates in class and integrity. But as any uncultured human he(she) thinks that he(she) is entitled to be taken seriously. Here, the President of Russia is dealing with the girl who has no concept of throwing rocks while living in a glass house thinking that her high school student news-paper-level "reporting" means anything. 

But then again, she is lucky that she is dealing with a former (not really, they never are former) intelligence professional who would eat her bosses for breakfast and will spit them out in a minute, but who is also very humane. Real intelligence professionals, unlike the BS portrayed in Hollywood, avoid "collateral damage" at all costs, their and others' lives depends on that.  Here is another example, now of the graduate of the Moscow Institute of International Relations, famed MGIMO, and a son of very high level KGB professional, the President of Azerbaijan wiping the floor with some psycho-bitch from BBC who had the audacity to think that she can compete in wits with people whose educational and cultural level dwarfs pretty much any cretin having positions nowadays in government  in both UK and US (well, in EU too) and pedophile-covering totalitarian British Broadcasting Corporation which is...a statutory corporation established by Her Majesty Government. 
Apart from not having any class, which is a first indicator of great education, honor and integrity, look at how this pompous idiot from BBC reacted physically when understood that she is being destroyed and being made an Exhibit A of a typical clown working for Western media. Her clutched hands in "house" close to her body speak volumes--a first involuntary defensive reaction. Ilham Aliev could have eaten her alive and humiliated her to the point of her being thrown out even from such a sewer as BBC for being utterly unprofessional. But he gave her a last second exit. Those who recall Vladimir Putin's interaction with bimbo Megyn Kelly and subtly humiliating her--I am not even sure that morons at NBC, BBC or CNN are even brought up above the level of high-schoolers in human, forget about professional, terms, to get it. 
All of them are so dumb, so conceited that they don't even understand that the jokes are on them, that they are a laughing stock around the world. And, of course, none of them, with the exception of such people like, say, Sanjay Gupta of CNN who is a bona fide and successful neurosurgeon in his own right and has all qualification for reporting on medical issues, are good for anything. Most of them, however, are the dregs of a degenerate US "humanities" education and wouldn't be allowed in normal society to run a 7-11 convenience store, let alone pretend that they know what they are talking about or pretend that they have real "sources". Russiagate and Steele Dossier anyone? If we talk about Russians, overwhelming majority of them is now keenly aware of what Western media are and it took opening Russia to the world to succeed immensely where no ideological department of Central Committee and Soviet Propaganda ever could--to convince Russians that Western MSM are nothing more than a crude lie-machine, stuffed at best with mediocrities, at worst-- mindless propaganda parrots who don't know shit from shinola. 
UPDATE: here is how "free" media operate in the US. 
Corruption top-bottom.

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