Friday, May 17, 2019

Yasenka, AKA Yaroslava Degtyaryova.

That is how this magnificent child is known in Russia. She.... Well, here is what she was up against the Children Voice in 2016. She had to sing a song from before, probably, her parents were born. One of the greatest Soviet comedies made after Mikhail Bulgakov's Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession (aka Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future, ahem) Here is the video from 1973, in short--I was young. Like really-really young.
So, forty plus years later a kid has to top a cult Soviet music and film classic. So she goes to stage and...well, she kills it. 

In general, all those Voice contests are a complete BS, but they do get us closer to real talent. So Yasya (Yasenka) does Kukushka (while Son of a Bitch drummer tries to take away her thunder) and she delivers on live radio (we need more cow bell;-))

This song (Ballad of Three Sons) requires translation. But, what can I say, if Russian Prime Minister's wife is ecstatic (Medvedev is sleeping, as always, most likely), that should be considered strongly since it is a celebration of a Love, Family and Commitment in ancient Russian city of Murom.

But she opened with another Russian miracle, Valentina Biryukova, with Stork on The Roof. People in Russia call her God's gift. I am no believer but this child is touched...

Stork on the roof--peace on Earth.... It is Friday.

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