Friday, May 10, 2019

While The West...

Provides magnificent R&D in finding the n-th gender, Russians and Chinese do their own song competitions and Polina Gagarina, who became globally recognized for her excellent World Cup 2018 song: 

Well, this Russian beauty who also has a very good set of pipes went to China to sing some Russian rock classics (Kino and Tsoi anyone) and then some Russian simply classics.
Worth watching and listening, especially when Polina begins to sing in Chinese global Russian classics...

Yeah, I know, the beauty and talent do not require to bare it all and shake (or twerk, right?) ass. Just being talented. Yes, yes, woman can be sexy as hell while being completely dressed--what a concept! Well, and beautiful...and, of course, wonderful Chinese audience. Ahh, yes, forgot, it is Friday.

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