Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Of Course, Israel.

Who would ever doubt that US foreign policy and doctrine is ran from Tel-Aviv (or Jerusalem)? With honor mention of Riyadh, we can not forget Riyadh here. 
Getting warmer and here is more specifics. 
At an April 15 meeting in Washington, Israeli National Security Council chief Meir Ben-Shabbat passed along a warning to US National Security Advisor John Bolton, senior Israeli officials told Axios. The information Bolton received was left vague: the attack could hit a US target in the Persian Gulf, or maybe Saudi Arabia, or maybe the UAE. “It is still unclear to us what the Iranians are trying to do and how they are planning to do it,” one of the senior officials said, but added it was “clear” that an unspecified event would take place sometime in the future, which would have unstated consequences. The Axios report was corroborated by a separate report from Israel’s channel 13 journalist Barak Ravid, who claimed that Israel had handed over information to the US about an alleged Iranian plot to target US interests in the Gulf.
Bolton, I think, will get his war eventually since by the looks of it he, being a fraud, impresses another fraud in charge so much that it immediately reminds one of the tender childhood with two kindergarten age boys BSing each-other back and forth on who spend more time in the armed forces and shot more cannons. A sheer lunacy! 

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