Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tulsi Just Being Tulsi.

I am not a naive teenager to believe that US oligarchy and national security-warfare state really cares about the "will of the people", law or the fate of people who actually made America great at some point of time. It is all bunk and words such as "democracy", "electoral process" or "rule of law" when applied to the United States today come across as a bad joke. But still, personalities matter and they still can make a difference in a long run. After all we all can see how that difference, in terms of destruction of the country, is being made by such personalities as shallow mediocrity and racist Obama, or a NY's very own Israel's stooge and hot air balloon Donald Trump. And we all know that in the endless game of BSing American public through never ending and pointless electoral process, most promises made by power hungry nonentities mean squat. Yet, even Marxist generalists bothered themselves with the role of personality in history.

So, in this case, apart from Fox surprisingly giving a podium to her, Tulsi Gabbard speaks a total geopolitical and military common sense about Iran and possible war with it, and she does have background, unlike it is the case with Bolton or Trump himself, to speak with authority. Listen for yourself. 

However, knowing how American political party machines and media are corrupt to the core, especially so with DNC, which is basically a variation of an organized crime group, I don't think Tulsi has a chance at Democratic (what an irony to call totalitarian liberal-fascist party "democratic") primaries. Too bad, she could have made a difference. She certainly knows where, apart from systemic crisis of liberalism, America's woes originate from--non-stop and unwinnable wars, which already bankrupted the country. Judging by Tulsi's young age, she, if she sticks around and fights, granted I personally do not share some of her political views, she will become a voice of reason of note to take on presidency in the future. In the end, the Democratic Party as it exists today is a train wreck (or rotting corpse, if one wishes) which cannot exist anymore in its present form. In general, she does come across as a decent human and promising politician--this is not nothing in times of a complete madness and corruption of the American political class.

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